Back Where I Belong

For so long, I have felt a distance between my home
We all grew apart and this tears my heart into like popping a balloon
But they saw through the my scars and broken heart
By, embracing me back with open arms

We go back to the start
Mending each other’s broken hearts
Are minds have taken longer to heal through witnessing the unimaginable
It has limited our lives but we continue to fight
As we learn to manage the incoming fire
But despite the pain and shame
We remain positive
We try to formulate a plan for the future
It will happen sooner

For now, I am right back where I belong
I just sing to a different heart song
One day, I belong to this cosmopolitan society without any anxiety or prejudice

Finally, I will live without this white elephant that leaves my feeling desolate
I will collate my fears until they disappear into the universal sphere

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