I trying to find my own seasons Where I don’t question God’s reasons

But one day things will turn around 
The sound of hope will ring through my body 

I will not feel sorry or worry about the past 

It will be a harmless memories that lives with me 

But does not destroy my undefended walls 

I will not crawl 

But run through this waterfall 
Leaving my refreshed 

And at my best

Without the stress

And finally leaving out all of the rest
I will head west 

And feel blessed 

Not caged in a birds nest 

With hope in my chest 

I will not feel distressed 
I will address 

My fears 

My self doubt 

My weakness 

Questioning my thought process that lead my down beneath And one day I will be clear to see..

The mountain tops with the snow caps 
The green tree moving magicical with the wind 

The skies which look unreachable 

The clouds that hover like guardian angels

There love is contagious 
Leaving me feeling love and supported by the spirits in the sky 

They don’t walk away 

Just stand by 

Even when I feel small

There pick me up every time I fall

This is what I am grateful for  

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