Written In The Stars

Written in the stars
I feel so far apart
From the world
From humankind
But never mind

In time, I will learn to fly
Amongst the stars
Floating in the atmosphere
Protected by the clouds
Even when I spin around and fall down
The sun will catch my heart and catapult me above the storms
To calmer skies

Time can be a friend and an enemy
All at the same time
The sound of the clocks, flicking by, keeps me grounded and present
But also, holds me prison in the past which scares my broken heart
This turbulence is part of life
It is not always right
But we have to continue to fight

Even with the storms draining the energy out of my body
Leaving me battered and bruised

I will pull through …

When the rain comes
It also goes
Leaving a sky full of stars
Reminding us that the past isn’t that far
But that our lives are written in the stars

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