All The Light We Cannot See

The clouds are heavy with pain, shame and anger
But, there are glimpses of light and hope which are shining through to the desolate land below
Underneath the clouds we always looked down

Since the rain has come and watch the pain away
We have decided to rise above the past
We have had enough of the mist, hanging over us
It is now time to rise up

Lifting are head up towards the sky

Letting the sun warm at pale faces
We are coming out of the shadows and in the light
We are determined to fight

We have not always been right in this life
Today has brought the rain
The streets are clean
The buildings have colour in their stone work
Life has begun

The elements have release their fears
Leaving a trail of hope
The smallest act of kindness, resonates through this city
Is have begun busy with laugh, joy and prosperity
The children play on the streets
Friends laugh amongst this busy city
It has complete got rid of the hidden ghosts that once lurked around the street corners

We have found all the light we could not see
The bay trees move peaceful with the wind
Finding a tranquil place in hearts, that once was in the past
The contrast has come, at the last

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