Water Under The Bridge

A tidal wave of emotion is happen at the moment
I wish I could build a dam
To barracked myself from the pending earthquake
Either way it has the potentially to cause destruction
But this time …

I am ready
My foundations are steady
I have been in this situation before
This time it won’t end you sore
As I stand in front of the lakeshore
I feel the force of nature approaching
My feet begin to shake
None of this is fake
I am trying to be strong and trying retain my balance
With the earth-shaking
The vibration of fear, travel through me body

Pockets of air particles are entering my bloodstream
Taking the nutrients for my body and
Your are not even sorry

The story of my life has been dragged through the mud
And then the flash flood
Approach, the dark clouds filled with angry and pain
The ripples appear on the lake
Quaking with the appending decision
The ripples turn into waves which are filled with frustration
They are fed up with being patience

So the elements unleash the tidal wave
All I can do, is watch
Frozen in the moment
The temperature has dropped
My heart is struggling
My tears fall
They join the weather storm
This is my norm

But this time I am prepared
An umbrella of hope is protecting me
The water continues to fall under the bridge
I am protected by an ivy ridge which holds me
So that I don’t float down the river
I shiver…

I wish you would reconsider and deliver me back to the shore
I just don’t know what all this commotion was for
Please explore and don’t close this door

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