Yellow Boxes

I am not enough
Even with my rough edges that are tough
I feel like a broken mirror which constantly is needing repair
Your stare, glares off the fractured glass
Continually, holding on to the past
My reflection is a reminder
An obstacle in the way but you continue to stay

Even with you plain expression that makes me feel guilty and the problem
This environment is toxic
I can pack my yellow boxes
This is symbolic
My life can fit into a pocket
It is heavy carrying this weight
I know this is my fate
Just give me date and I will drive to the ocean state
Giving you space
So you can delegate the blame
I will hang my head in shame
As life just stays the same

You have framed my name but I know that wasn’t your aim
I feel you have traded me in for something better
So I will put on my sweater and walk through the weather
With the pressure wrecking my heart
I know that we have grown apart
Let’s go back to start

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