Black & Blue

I am black and blue
I feel see through
I cannot undo
The clouds are sweeping through
Who knew the world would turn into

I wish that I could run through the sea
So that I could be free
But the coral reef would leave me black and blue

My mind feels a skewed with the waves of the ocean
The current is forceful
Leaving my mind to fight a complex and draining emotional torment which tears my heart into
Leaving me black and blue

One day, I will swim to the outside of the coral reef
Where the waves are gentle, shelter by the coastline that I see glistening in the distance
A pinnacle of hope
A symbol of joy
I just need to believe that I can overcome and reach this destination

This has become an inspiration
A dream that cannot be broken
So I will continue to hope and pray that one day the sun will shine through the clouds
Leaving a trail of rays, that guide me to a new day
Where the pain is in the background
And I will be homeward bound

4 thoughts on “Black & Blue

  1. This is so heartfelt and beautifully written, and I can empathise exactly with how you feel and why you dream of escaping your pain. I too felt exactly like that for months and months, well more like two years, while I had my breakdown. I have made a breakthrough now and have reached the coral reef! I NEVER thought that would happen, and it has. Your breakthrough is coming, but until it arrives please never lose hope. 💜💙 You’ll get there 🙂

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