Where Do We Go From Here ?

Blues skies remind me of a different time
When we could fly, but in-between the lies
My eyes try not to cry
I know tomorrow that there will be a sunrise, where we leave the past behind
One day I will amplify my thoughts and feelings
I will find my voice

People have a choice whether to speak the truth, even if it hurts
It get worse, if people are not honest with me in the first place
My words float into space
I feel displaced
I can’t even embrace you

I have told you more that twice that this isn’t right
It is divisive and leaves me in crisis
I just don’t believe you anymore
Somedays I think I should leave
So that I can grieve and process my thoughts
Before I can open another door

My words fall to the floor
Us four, our ‘beautiful broken’
This world has left a mark on us in various different ways
But who am I too say ?

The truth will remain and I will save it for another day
Where my voice will be heard
Where my words won’t be disrupted
And my life won’t feel like a blur
I know these words sound absurd
I feel like a frail bird
But, one day I will be heard

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