Ocean Drive

These days, I walk down the ocean drive
Time just goes by
The days turn into nights
The ocean reef reflects
Every ascept of the neglect which has torn its way through the years
Leaving a disconnection between the world above and the ocean floor below
There is peace with the movements of the ocean
The current protects the frail coral, by detecting the poison that is sometimes unleashed into the pure, calm and beautiful world below
Which has become my home

Between the shore and the coastline that stretches around the corner
I ask what is this all for?
It seems you are trying to break a heart the has already been torn
Into pieces, then scratched into the ocean
Instantly, dissolving and never evolving

Constantly, you are trying to cause an oil spill
To contaminate the clear blue sea’s
Can’t you see this is not how it should be?
But, still after all of these years
I fear, my dear
Every tear that has fallen
Every smear of oil on my body is a mark of the darkness below
And that is when I go into the unknown

But, this year is different
I know your tactics
I know my weakness
I am ready to leave the ocean for the last time

As the warm sun, lights the ocean floor
This is my chance to escape
To be free
I kick my legs as fast as a torpedo
Using my hands to push through the dense water
I stay calm in my mind
My chest feels as though it is going to explore
I close my eyes and don’t look back this time

I fly into a new atmosphere
I feel the wind on my face
I see the clouds float by
I can see the shore
The white sand that has become a symbol of freedom, for me

I swim towards the sand
Using every last inch of energy to get there
The waves help me into the shore
The white sand blinds my eyes
The sun warm my body
Absorbing every particle of water which has held me prison for so many years

I slowly turn to face my fear
My old home
I see the beauty and the darkness
I see the black and the blue
But deep inside I find hope too.

The wind blew away the demons
The clouds carry my feelings away
Lifted the weight of my shoulders
So that I could live again

To be able to leave the ocean behind and clear my mind
For the first time
I am able to reintegrate back with humankind
And then, I realise that I can leave the ocean behind

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