Just Like A Child

Just like a child
I am scared of shadows that haunt my past
I know that it won’t last
The black clouds and blue sky remind me of a different time
That I cannot rewind
Just like a story book that is spoken in my mind
The ghost still lives under my bed
The cupboards still need to be straightened
The element of fear that lurkers 
Deep within
I don’t want my life to end up in a bin

I am afraid to open the tin of memories
I need to run somewhere I belong
Before I can go on and I don’t feel like a black swan
In pure white flock
I wish i could turn back this clock
But, my feathers are a mark of the past that has tarnished my heart
I feel far apart

From, my original self
From the innocent child that use to run through the wheat fields
I need a shield to protect me from the darkness
I live in a world creative by the Arctic
Where there are no seasons
No flowers
No warm air to circulate the pain into a different atmosphere

But I know that I won’t always stay here
I will move to a new endeavour and I will begin to feel as little as a feather
My black feathers will graceful fall off
A new coat will emerge and rejuvenate my soul
I will feel young and free
And just left to be

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