Sometimes It Snows In April

Sometimes it snows in April
This life has become so hateful
When you feel unable to lift your head
Ashamed of the past that marks you like broken glass
You are not make of grass
But you cannot wash away the past

We need a blast of cold air to blow away the negativity that surrounds you
Holding the present a prison
Whilst the past slowly regains it’s strength and power
And slowly creeping back into your life
Suffocating the joy in your body
Until you see nobody
You become lonely
Isolated in a world of darkness

But, just remember when you feel alone
You are always welcome back home
We don’t treat you like a syndrome
We don’t see you as foam that can be kicked into the unknown
Remember that you are not alone

Just look below
There are no shadows, since the snow has fallen
Just snow angels
Protecting you
Even if you are unaware of their presence

They don’t carry any weapons
They will be with you every second
When you feel you cannot take another footstep through the snow
You know it is time to let go
And come back home

As you walk back down the street and knock on the door
The embrace from your family will protect you and keep you safe
Until you able to lift you head and see the snowflakes fall
Then the past will feel small
And you will be free after all

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