Little Worrier

Little worrier
Don’t be afraid to feel your emotions
The pain will fade one day
You just need the patience to stay
I know people say that
It will never go away
But you have witness the world
Unleash its worst
You know how much it hurts
Sometimes it all gets a little too much
And you lose trust
In the system
In the world
In humanity

One day, the past will feel like a distant memories
Things do not stay the same forever
I know at times you can’t fight the weather
You want to stay shelter
Hidden in a work of silence
But, whether of not you realise it now
You have a voice that must be heard
A story to tell
A future to live
And words to be spoken

I know you where hoping that this would all be over by now
And I know that you are still confused, somehow
About how this turned out
But for now,

Wipe those tears away
Save them for a rainy day
In time things will change
Things will not feel this strange
Remember to live not remain
And with time the little worrier inside
Will find a place to feel alive and strive

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