The Bay

Somehow, it has to get easier
For all of us
We fall apart
Piece by piece

Somedays I want to fly away
To move with the altitude
To float with the wind
To hover in the jet stream
Moving towards, warmer skies

I don’t want to keep saying goodbye
It gets harder each time
One day, we will have to draw a line underneath the past
Time is going by fast
We are protected from the elements
The clouds will embrace us, if we fall
We won’t get washed away
We won’t fade into another day

The air raids of life will stop causes destruction
Destroying our fountains that we have built
We don’t live on solid ground
It has been an earthquake that shakes and awakes, the demons
Just give me a reason
An answer
Why? ……

The lights that are beaming from the past
Surround us in an hourglass of fear
That feels impossiable to break
To escape
The past has been with us for so long
It is inbuilt in my heartbeat
It controls my breathing
It crushes my identity
It breaks my spirit

One day I will be fearless
One day, I fly over the clear blue bay
But not today

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