Teardrops drip down your face
Your voice breaks
The strain it shows in your shoulders
Your body
I am sorry that I hurt you

In a single second
The solid air that once supported us
Falls like a teardrop
The impact causes a waterfall of pain
That cannot be replaced

In time things will change
It is having the patience
To sit and whether the rain
Tolerate the pain and shame
Life is a waiting game

Whilst I play football in my head
On the outside, I am blamed
I know that this isn’t you aim
But, the arrows of judgement are flying towards me now
You have a choose
To retrace your hate
I know that I have made mistakes
I don’t claim to be perfect
I am honest about my failings
My weakness

I respect your life
I know that you need space
You need time to replay old songs
Think about the past
That doesn’t feel that far apart
But the teardrops still fall onto my guitar like an evening star

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