The Other Side

Just let it be and one day you will see
The other side is green
It is waiting for you
You now have to be patient and not blow through

Soon the storm will past
The rain will stop
The wind will drop
Your tear drops will hop into a new day
A new dawn that life will begin from

I know you are scared
I have been there
I have witnessed the weather cause a tsunami  of tears
But my dear, once day it will clear
You just have to hold on

I wish I could take the pain away
I wish we could go back to when you we’re young
To building sandcastle on the beach
Learning how to reach for stars and we began to release that they weren’t that far away
But then the darkness came and stayed
It blew you away
Off course
Down a different path
Somedays I thought it would be your last

But you continued to walk through the long grass that protected you from the ghost
Helped you stay strong when you couldn’t go on
For so long, you were scared to talk about the past
The emotions that seem to last forever
Hurting your mind but one day you stood up and said this is enough

Enough of the pain
Enough of the past that has torn you apart
You realise that you could have a new start
I remember that turning point
I remember you smile came back and you continued to walk down that track

In brighter days
Clearer skies and remember that it is green on the other side

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