Silver Lining

Somedays we lose the faith to stay
And we chose to live than remain
But for years we have lived under this fate
Someday soon the sun will shine
And tomorrows clouds will pass

The sky will be clear blue
Even if you can’t see through
The mist will lift
And life we become, see through

No obstacle in your way that prevents you to stay
To become something new
As the wind blew away your fears
The dark winter clouds cleared
The clouds were high in the sky
You won’t even feel a single teardrop, touch your face
You can’t wash the past away
but tomorrow brings a new day

When the clouds float in the sky
It is time to say goodbye to the memories
This time, I know
You will be free from the past which was you shadow for years but don’t fear

Every cloud has a silver lining
I wish this life wasn’t so frightening
One day you will feel a bolt of lighting
To guide you through the storm
Take you to a different place
Where the waves will wash you with grace
and this time remember not to fade

Into the background your worth more than that
Even with your head down
I know you mother would be proud
For now,
You will hold on to the hope left in you heart
and push the demons into the past

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