Father’s Love

As I walk down this road
Please do let me go
Even if there is a stone throw of hope
Don’t despair and leave me there

I was you daughter once
You use to hold my hand
But as time went on
You grew distance and then you were gone

For many years you where a ghost
A person who could not look at me
Ashamed to see, what I could be

Deep inside where you use to hide
Your emotions were kept of sight
You thoughts ends in angry words
That would disturb
The calmness I was trying to rebuilt
Until, one day

I was open enough
to say that the pain still remained
Since then, we have become friends again
Not object in the room that we would both look through
We have come to understand
The reasons why things didn’t turn out as we planned
It is so sad …

Since spring has come
The sun has begun
To shine through the house
Bring joy and love
Into our hearts that once tore us apart

I am still that little girl in those ‘mary jane’ shoes, who knew that the world would turn her into
I miss her too
One day she will come back to you
True, she went away but this time she is here to stay

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