All We Have Left


No matter how hard I try
I can’t push back the time
I can’t rewind
I am drawing circles in my mind
I am drawing a line for the last time
On the other side
I am trying to find peace inside
From my chaotic mind

I dream at night of all the things we have lost
Along the way
Life was never the same
The blame game continues to play
Round and round like a meregoround
The sounds echo through the walls but I continue to stand tall

I can count the number of people who have walked away
It is easier to go rather than stay
It is too painful to witness someones world falling apart
I understand deep inside my heart
Friends and family
We all grew apart like broken arrows through the dark
But through this all

We continue to move forward like a waterfall but above all
We are still together
We have seen the weather
We have been at the end of our tether’s but this doesn’t last forever
We will feel as light as a feather and we will come together



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