My Dear

The mountain skies
Teach me how to fly into the night
Out of sight
With the bright white lights shining into my eyes
My breath is airtight
As I take flight
I feel the cold frostbite that is slowly taking over my body
Slowly my face turns blue but when I think it is all through
A searchlight comes and melts me into

The wind blew away the ice drops
As the water slowly drips down my hands and lands on the cold sands
This world is not what it seems
It changes and adapts like a chameleon
Jumping between different colours
To protect itself for the world around
I can hear the sound of hope that I thought I left long ago

You broke me
You wounded my inner child
You left scars that cannot be washed away
The pain stays for another day

I will show you that I can recover and I will not suffer
I will rediscover my broken wings
I will learn to fly into spring
Without the ring of torment in my ears
Without my heart full of fears
I will live another year
My mind will be given the all clear
I will be ok, my dear.

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