Miles Away

You are miles away from where you were before
The storm came in and took you within
You became paper thin
Your skin was white and pale
Your eyes where tired constantly awake

Trying not fade away from reality
Even in your dreams,
The past is your ghost
Your shadow
Your deep fear
That still lives in your sphere
Up here in your atmosphere

Away from the world
Away from the past
Away from the pain that will never come again
Now and then, I want to fly a away on a airplane
To another world
Another country, but,

I know the past will follow and leave me hollow
I will not wallow in the water of despair
I will throw my fears into the air
I will catch ever tear that falls
I will repair after all

Goodbye to the four walls that have kept me prisoner
I am now a listener
I hear the past growing strong
But, it is time for me to move on
To a new beginning
A new start, away from this terrible past


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