These Days


These days life is the same as before
The haunting echoes continue to knock at the door
What is this all for ?

One day I will restore the broken door
I won’t continue to live on the bottom of the ocean floor
I have been swept offshore
I have been here before
The cold water surrounds my now
I just don’t know how, we got here
The fear is clear as the atmosphere
I hope this disappears

I wish the clocks could go back
I wish the oceans could change the tides and my mind could rewind
Back to our younger days
When the sun would shine
The stars would reflect the happiness that once lived in my body

I am so sorry
I could not protect myself from the evil of the world
That I did not speak the truth earlier
I was young and scared
And deep down I know you have been there

One day, the days will pass without a flicker of a heart and life will stop tearing us apart like it did from the start.

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