Trust that has been built and then broken
I just don’t understand why
The false accusations
Talking behind my back with the people I am closest too
Trying to undo the past but you can’t
Instead you break my trust
You break our friendship
You listen to others when I am the one who knows about my trauma
I have to live with it everyday but you just get to walk away
And my life just stays the same

With the many voices trying to have a opinion, ever breath I make
Every step I take
Every word I say
You just disappear into the background
I am left, beating myself up for things that were none of my fault
I was made to feel small
A nuisance
A pest

A person with a problem mind
I know deep inside that you have demons that you are trying to fight
Keeping them out of sight
From the might of the world, that controls your movements
Your actions
Guided by a falling note
That begins a new adventure for you

I wish you knew the hurt you have cause
The broken trust that can’t be rebuilt
I told you my darkness  memories
My deepest fears
You knew how vulnerable I was and you took advantage of my trust in you

We don’t often talk anymore
Things just went back to how they where before
I now have close this door
One day I will have somethings to;
Stand for
Speak for
Answer for
But somethings are nevermore

4 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Good content, good pacing. Could use some editing for mispelling and typoes, but fine otherwise. Although the “every breath I make, every step I take” immediately brings to mind a song by “The Police” which is entirely different from your poem, and thus distracting.

    Liked by 1 person

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