Broken strings 

Just as I start to float up again and reach the atmosphere. My strings our cut from below as I fall back down to earth. My tears fall and bounce of the ground causing a flood or tears. 
As I descend back to earth. I notice the clouds float within my fingertips. The air is colder especially when you are falling at a hurricane speed back to earth. 
I am tired of my strings being broken. I tired of my trust being built and then being destroyed back to the foundation. I am tried of the last ten years.
I never thought that I would still be struggling now but I am. I will try to embrace each day with joy, love and laughter. When the clouds are heavy like my heart, I will not fall apart. Instead, I find light in the darkest of place and learn to be happy. I will not let the trauma of the past define me, it is reminder, a memory but take away the trauma I am still a person. The trauma has taken some parts of me but as the morning shines through my window it brings a new day and the troubles of yesterday are in the past.
There will always be broken strings in my life but I have got to repair them with or without the help. I will get better one day. I will overcome my PTSD. I can have a wonderful life, half of the battle is believing it.


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