Sea Of Calm

I am trying to find a way through these stormy sea’s. The current is raging on and the protection from the shore has gone. I am strained in these seas with the waves crash my body and mind into the reef below. All I want is to be rescued and taken to dry lands.

The constant movement for the sea is draining, being push and pull into completely different directions and with every second getting thrown deeper and deeper into the seas. The water has lost it innocence. It is dark black and I cannot see to the bottom. Once, the water was pure, clean and colourful, full of life but as the earth temperature has change, so has the emotion’s of the water.

All I can see is the disordered and destruction that has been created. The water temperature is beginning to get cold as my body freezes and begins to struggle. I have been in this ‘state’ on struggle for about three years now. I try my best to break free from it but I cannot do this one my own. I need a helping hand. I hope that it will happen soon.

I want to wake up one day and be in a sea of calm, where the ocean is colourful with turquoise blue and the water is crystal clear. The reef reflects the beauty within, not contained with chemical. The temperature of the water increases to warm my tired body and the slow, steady movement of the ocean calms my traumatized mind. Finally, one day I will be free from the ocean, I will reach the shore and be able to feel the sand between my toes. To walk away from the pain of yesterday and never look back.

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