Colours are a persons connections to their emotions
They change with every emotions that is felt
Every thought 
Every feeling
Every Fear
Even with the echo’s of laughter that fills the body with joy, even if it is only for a second.
We change dramatically like butterfly’s

We all have butterfly’s
They are normal for nerves
If we didn’t fells nervous, apprehension, uncertain, or sadness
We are not human

When are brain’s panic’s
Shut’ down and freezes
We become a hollow skeleton, ranting through life
It’s painful, misunderstood and lonely trapped in your own mind.
Nobody can see, feel are emotions for us
It can be frustrating, tiring, mental and physical draining

The colours can change
They can help you understand
To be able to live with the situation that you are in at the moment

As butterflies fly away, to begin once again
We begin to feel, to love, to hope and to see light in between the darkness.

The colours are friends
They never walk away
They adapt, change and we all grow in different ways
But, our butterflies stay the same.

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