My youth is like a ghost to me
I wish I could go back
To my young days that where wasted away
Making daisy chains
We would make airplanes with our jackets
As the wind blew into and we flew
Into a world of imagination that never faded
But one night our lives changed

The joy disappeared
The happiness evaporated
The innocence was lost
The storms came more often
The winds grew in strength
Leaving a path of destruction
In our eyes

As we have grown, the winds has changed
And things will never be the same
As before
When the innocence was in our eyes
Like a star in the sky
Before it was taken by the night
Lost and never found
Until now

Time has gone by
The clouds still hover high in the sky
Waiting to cause pain as I walk by
But this time is different
I am not alone, trapped in a world of torment
I am free like the north sea
The way it should have always been

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