The Flood

The floods of tears that our stored deep within
Bubbling at the surface
Waiting to be unleashed
But, there is danger is this
Once the first teardrop touches the earths fragile ground
It would cause a tsunami of pain that would always remain
And life would never be the same

As my tears begin to pour down my face
My dry skin absorbs the pain from yesterday
Recycling it for another moment
Another place to clear the disgrace

Away for the noise and confusion of life
There is a place of peace and tranquil
This is how I imagine it could be
You see, one day I will be free

But as my tears fall in a rhythmical way
The shock waves began to fade
Into the earth below
Into the unknown
And one day I will come home

Home is a place that I always leave behind
Maybe this time, it will be different
Once my tears have fallen
The rivers have dried up
The storms have passed
The pain has been washed away
That is when my life will begin

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