I Miss Her Too

I am still here somewhere between the trauma
I may seem distance for you all but I can still feel the pain and heartbreak that lays within your eyes
I can see the pain that you carry each day, wishing it would go away
I know that you would trade places with me but I wouldn’t want you too.
I know that you are there, whether near or far

The more I push you away
The more I am trying to protect you from the past
Even though you know everything
I still don’t want to see me suffer
It must be heart wrenching to see you daughter vanish in front of you eyes
To pull her back to life ever single time

Just to say … I miss here too
The fun, loving kid that I once knew
She will return, someday
All I can do is pray
I just don’t know what else to say is ..

That she is still here
One day she will truly be okay and the past will fade away,
To bring a brand new day with the sun shining on the bay.


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