Never Let Go

It is late at night and I have just done some yoga to calm, clean my mind. As I look up at the ceiling, lying on my back. My body is ready to go to sleep but my complex mind is still going round. At these times, I am trying to fix the problems and correct the past.

There are many memories that bring me joy and there are some that haunt me still and bring great pain. My thought’s our ‘random’ like fireworks going off in serval different directions, uncontrollable and unforgettable until they disappear into the night sky.

This difference between my mind and the fireworks, is that my thoughts never reach the night sky. They get trapped in the jet stream which pulls my away for the colourful fireworks and into the vortex of the jestream. I am trapped in the cold, ice particulars of air, freezing, waiting for the morning sun to rise and warm the air around me, to set me free from the nightmare of the past.

I hope one day that the fireworks light the sky with joy, colour and hope, clearing the skies for happier days to come rather than where I am now. This has become my motivation to keep holding on to life even when it feels as through it is getting taken from my hands, I hold on and will never let go.

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