As the days draw ever closer to Christmas Day, it takes my mind back to when we were young, where we lived abroad for many years. At the time we lived in Europe, the snowfall that year was incredibly deep, crispy snow covering the entire neighbourhood.

On that morning my brother and I got dressed into our salopettes, a warm jacket, a pair of gloves and finally our welly boots. Then we began to build the first snowman, my brother would make the base with a little help from my dad, then we continued. In totally we built three, each one different and gradually getting smaller. To finish each snowmen we put a scarf around their necks, a carrot for a nose and placed two stones to create eyes. After all of the excitement we would have a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

The next morning when we woke up there was a four snowman. Someone must have built it in the middle of the night. This always makes me smile.

Looking back over the photos and remembering these moment, gives me hope that one day I will feel free like I did before all of the trauma happened. Sometimes it is easy to forget these memories, when surrounded in darkness. I try to remember the moments in my life that have brought me joy and happiness. A lot of these memories are centred around my family and our travels. I know that nobody can take these memories away and this is what I hold onto when I feel trapped in the past.

As Christmas Day draws ever closer, I stay positive and enjoy the time with my family. I have got to keep believing that one day this will all fade into the background, deep down I know it will happen but it is having the strength and patience to do so. When I feel hopeless, I look at a photos, realise how good life, can be once again. This gives me a boost to continue my recovery.

‘There is always joy around, sometimes we have to look up from the ground, to witness the beauty that surrounds’.

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