Lego House

In my youth the world seemed so innocent and alive but the winter sky’s grew powerful and turned against us. The clouds lay thick above our heads which have followed us through the years unleashing there rain clouds, there storm and the recurring cyclone that leaves a trail of destruction. Then we have to rebuild our lives, brick by brick, piece by piece.

It feels as though all of our lives are as fragile as a Lego house. One minute we can be on solid ground, then it can be kicked apart and the Lego pieces all collapse into a multi-coloured pile of unsolved emotions. Resembling the unresolved part of our lives.

Life doesn’t have a map or list of instructions on how to overcome the daily troubles. Throughout life it is a learning experience which we don’t get completely right. Sometimes we have to make the first move to pick up the pieces and rebuild the Lego house. It can be difficult with no guidance and help but we have to be brave and take the first step.

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