In Repair

At the moment I am in repair from the past week. I have been very physically unwell and was rushed into hospital on Friday, then again on Monday. I am slowly recovering and resting at home. My body feels broken, run down and emotional, I feel all over the place very tearful and incredible vulnerable but with the support of all of my close family. I am beginning to put the pieces back together.

The amount of support and love that has been shown to me over the period has astonished me. I am very grateful and thankful for all of the love and strength that has been given to me over this past week. Thank you!

I am still physically exhausted and I don’t have a lot of energy, my co-ordination and balance has completely gone for the time being but day by day I am getting stronger. I am aware that my body will heal and recover but it will take time to get back on top form.

For the week ahead my goal is to rest, recuperate and get back on the road to recovery. I will never lose faith that one day I will be free from the trauma.


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