The Neighbourhood

Blue veins pump through my heart

Electrifying the dark

Inside me

Enlightening me

Brightening and frightening me

All at the same time

Tick, tock we hear the chimes, oh what a rhyme

The neighbourhood is as quiet as my heart beat

Voices echoing through the walls

The stillness in the mist that hovers amongst the houses

Moves with mystery

Waiting to catch

A secret

A voice in the distance

Or the loud footprints of an unnamed soul

Walking through the empty streets where they all sleep

Behind closed doors

Behind the shutters

The movement of life continues

The laughter bouncing of the walls

The tears pouring down the windows

The voices of joy and anger filter onto the street, where no one dares to speak

Even a whisper in the wind

Echo’s through the lonesome street

Where no one will meet

To see

That with time, everything changes

Behind the boundary line

That they all despised


Tonight, they might

Move the lines, which have confined them

For all of this time

Rows of fences, back onto the path

Brick walls

Closed gates

Curtains drawn

This all seems the norm

In the neighbour where the ghosts of the past

Move within the lines

Maybe it is time

They realised, we are not all perfect

Despite the front

The pretence

The clear crystal mirrors that projects the ‘Perfect Life’

But, inside every house,

They are all beautifully broken

Trying to rebuild their lives

From the peace, inside

From the protection of the walls

The safety of the locked doors

They begin to heal the sores from before

The bruises disappear

The tears dry up

The joy returns

The fear disappears into the atmosphere

The sadness says goodbye for the last time

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