The rain sweeps across your face

The wind howls through your body

The leaves fly to a different place

As you take the first step, along the road

The unknown surrounds you

Hoping one day you will come home

You mind races, through the woods

You lose yourself, to the elements

The bruises are the reminder that you can’t go home

And that you must continue alone

You’re afraid of the wolves, running in your head

The world is in the distance, it is a memory

The scars buried beneath, so no one will ever see

One day you will be free

The lighting strikes, the shock consumes your body

Your heart begins to unwind, it’s time

The sky is your witness, it’s seen the pain

It see’s the fear in your eyes.

It embraces you for the last time, as you fly

Away from the lies, the secrets, the torment

As you float among the clouds

Your tears fall down, it touches another soul’s face

Powerless to help, you watch from a distance

You are a ghost, a soul with no strength to go on

As the clouds surround you, there warmth, they embrace you

Letting you know that you are safe, away from the world, below

That you left along ago.

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