Life is like a bottle

You can drink it, drown your thoughts and sorrows

Store your secrets, hide them from the world and from yourself until….

All your emotions explode like a firework display on a cold November day

The shards of glass map out your broken past

Mapping the last time

You felt free from the hurt,

The pain

Awaiting for another day

The lies,

The secrets, scare you,

They change you whole persona that you have created, to be able to deal with the world

You hide the troubles, so deep within

So no one will find them but the mask is wearing thin

The mould is breaking within

Crumbling with every footstep

Melting with every breath

As the air collides with your body

You realise, that you

Cannot run from it anymore

It is chasing,


Consuming you

Until you disappear, into the bottle

It has becomes your friend

Your life

Your reason to belong

A reason to justify your actions

A demon that controls your beliefs

Still you turn to the bottle,

Drinking away the pain

Washing it away

Until another day

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