Thank you – Mum

For the last ten years, my mum has single handedly held the family together. Every time we are all individually struggling, my mum puts her emotions, her fears aside and focuses on helping the rest of us. She is my role model, she taught me to love which I never thought I would feel, given me hope when the odds are stacked against us, fighting for years to keep me alive and challenging the health professionals over the treatment for me and still is continuously driving me back and forward every week for therapy.

My mum has travelled miles to visit me in hospital, no distance would ever stop her for helping me. I am astounded by her undying love, support and care she has given over the years. Still now there is no limit to her heart. We have laughed, cried, screamed and shouted at each other but she always forgives, never holds grudges, just hugs me and I know it will be alright.

When I hopeful one day have my own family if I can be half the women/mother my mum I will feel proud. My mum is small and very determined, she is the strength and the love holds me every day. We can forget how much people close to us have do for us. This is a recognition of how much I appreciate my mum and thank you for everything she has done.

I have made it through the years because of her.

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