Change scares us into a world of unknown

A world of uncertainty and fear.

We drift away, day by day, like a riptide pulling us apart

Slowly pulling and pushing

Crashing us into the rocks,

Breaking our hearts, souls and minds

As we drift away

Hopefully one day we will be together again.

Jet streams pull us apart in different directions.

Maybe, if you wait for me,

I would listen. I could understand

Learn from the mistakes I’ve made.

But we are in different oceans, in different seas,

Floating, waiting for the riptide to bring us closer together.

But still you fight the ocean,

The waves that have held you close for so many years.

However much you push the current away from us

I will help you find yourself.

I will help you heal

However long it takes.

The world will never understand how the riptide has pulled us apart,

But the current will bring us back together

Bring us back home.

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