Here and Now

Over the past week there has been a lot of unpredictability and uncertainty.  Just as everything seems to calm down, storm clouds appear and rain falls.  Life is like this and, as I have said before in previous blogs,  “we don’t always sit in darkness”.

When the storm appears I have two choices: either run away from the incoming storm or stand fast in the rain. I try not to get myself worried about the issues occurring daily. I have found a way of slowing down my mind when it is running at hundred miles an hour.  I either roll out my yoga mat or just sit on the floor and close my eyes. I breathe and concentrate; try to calm my thoughts and put them in categories… but this rarely happens.  Once I have been through the first steps I imagine that I am by a waterfall.  As the water falls it bounces off the running stream below. The ripples that appear in the water are constantly changing with the stream.  The water is clear with a sense of purity about it.  Tropical plants and flowers surround me. The colors are bright and vibrant. The multiple shades of green mix perfectly in between the bright colours of the flowers. There are lily pads floating with the water’s current. I catch one of them.  I place the thought or issue that is troubling me on to the lily pad. I imagine my thought is contained in a bubble. Once I have placed it on top, I let go. I watch the lily pad float on down the stream. Once it has disappeared around the bend, I can place another thought. When I have released all of my troubles of the day and take a breath, I ground myself back on my yoga mat.

There is calmness and stillness in my mind. This allows me to continue with the rest of the day and sleep at night. Throughout the day I will take five minutes to sit and be in that moment. This has allowed me to be able to manage and plan my days better so that I feel that I have purpose. I can then enjoy the day and leave my worries behind.

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