I am standing by the ocean view
Watching the waves as they crash in two.
The tide takes us to a better a place,
Where the waves wash me with their grace.
We know it’s not a race to be alright;
Just hold on tight for tonight.

The sun sets over me, now
Warms my bones so they won’t freeze.
The wind whistles through my empty soul,
Where life has taken its toll.
I have become a piece of sand that has floated into no man’s land
Alone on the coast.

I move with the tide,
I move with water,
The current helps me hide
Until I am strong enough to fight.

I am blue as the sky,
I am as blue as the ocean,
I am as white as the clouds
That haunt me now.
And all I seem to do is float
Into the distance.
I drift into and become the view.

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