About three months ago on Sunday morning my mum wrote this letter and was planning on sending it but I didn’t feel comfortable her doing this. I felt that both my parents have been incredibly supportive over the years. It has affected all of us in different ways. I have decided to share my story, but there are other voices that need to be heard and one of those people is my mum. We all have a story. We all have a voice.

Here is the letter and what my mum said to me the other day:

“I have been writing his letter in my head for the last six years with every intention to post it but never having the guts. Now my daughter wants to make a different to her life but also to help others because this happens all over the country and in all sorts of places but there is nothing that tells you how to deal with this situation. I have allowed her to post this on her blog.”

An open letter to the three individuals who have had such as impact on my families lives. To the two girls who set my daughter up to be ….. and then for another four months humiliates her is ways you can not imagine, who watched her inability to eat, laughed at her, phone calls going dead. To the boy who …… her because he could, but they helped and watched. This did not happen in a city, this happened in the green fields of a public school. The impact this has had on us is beyond anything you could imagine. Our beautiful daughter has acute PTSD.

We are now coming up to ten years, life is getting better but if you have lived with your child having flashbacks reliving the traumatic events that happened to her, fighting for her life, the names shouted at night. We are all traumatized but we continue as a family to fight the demons. She was so traumatized that until she was sixteen starved herself so she could not remember and slowly with time, patience and belief, her memories and they are so painful. The dashes to A + E , people misunderstanding, misdiagnoses, watching the clock and waiting for the shutters to close, physically remembering everything again and again in the smallest detail. Her memories are back, her fight continues – she is scared everyday of her life.

These girls had such an impact they took her ability to speak away, her ability to live but they have not taken her spirit and determination. I pray she will have a normal life – all she wants is to be loved and have a family but that will take someone very special with mature understanding, love and patience.

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