Finding A Voice Between The Silence

I have been silent over the winter period Too scared to hollow my voice into the darkness Too worried to break free from my mind But, this time I decided I have to try Even if, I am broken Even if, I cry for a lifetime Even if, my mind decides to die I will […]

I always knew this day would come Where our two different forces would collide Whilst I watched from the sideline I have tried to find some compromise Yet the ground has subsided between you and me The sound of rain rings in my ear The heat of the fire burns my face My skin crawls […]

Look up child, I know that you are scared I have tread through these waters before; you were even born  I know you choose to look to the ground, but you miss all the beauty all around    Look up child, I know your eyes have seen the world during it’s darker times  But I […]

I seem to gain a piece of me and lose one too I never knew people change so often, as the wind I cannot begin to tell you, the storms I have been through to see the over side of the moon I knew the seasons change but people move away rather than staying near, […]

The devil came and took you away  Now all the goodness is gone from you now  I am not proud that I didn’t scream aloud to eliminate the darkness from your soul  Now you are surrounded in thorns   I wish I could go back to when you were born  I would have protected you […]

My legs are quivering in panic  But I am still static  I am trying not to look manic  If I had cladding, I will create a barrier between the world and myself  In doing so to cover my particulars of imperfections  I have spent years trying to find the answers  I have searched every mountain […]

I get tired of trying to live between others white lines I am exhausted by their mind games I wish they would fade at the end of the day But, the betrayal continues until it is imprinted in my mind, all of the time   Behind the mask of calm, I am nervous for each day I continually pray […]