Finding A Voice Between The Silence

These dust clouds surround me now I feel frozen in their presence In essence, they are the particles of pain that I thought would have gone away But not yet… These memories stay stagnant like the mist hovering above the ground There are no sounds, just silence all around They are a reminder of my […]

Medicine is a poison to my mind You and I both know that it does not leave an afterglow of happiness and relief from the trauma It just magnifies the past You don’t have to look far to realise the unethical actions that you put into motion You caused such a commotion There was no […]

These lonely days make me want to fade People talk but never say a word or a thought to me I feel as though I am in court I want to abort Yet something makes me stay, amongst the mayhem and madness Even though there is sadness still around I try to find a sound […]

I trying to find a way through these seasons Where I don’t question God’s reasons One day things will turn around The sound of hope will ring through my body I will not feel sorry or worry about the past It will be a harmless memory that lives with me But does not destroy my […]

  I don’t have a clue How has the world has become so untrue I wish I could carry you through this avenue of pain I wish I could pursue a different path Instead, I am askew in sadness But, I know I will breakthrough I am one of the last few Who grew apart […]

  I am lost in a maze of pain Trying to find a flame to light the way I cannot keep staying in the bay It is a place of safety and sadness I have to move past it I continue to flinch and twitch Trying to wish away the pain for today But, it […]

The tidal waves Keeps me wide awake Carving my fate As I wait patiently by the ocean for the tides to turn so I don’t become submerged But, I have been here before in these cold waters I am not really to be slaughters I am someone’s daughter I must find a way out of […]