Finding A Voice Between The Silence

All I see are these lonely streets that have become part of me I don’t know where I belong I don’t know how to explain this song I have been gone for so long, will someone help me, to see. I wish I had a little more time to dream and time to believe the […]

  All I know are these silent lions in my life People walk-by without thinking twice, about how they feel and where they’ve been In their minds, they question whether they are a sin and how do they begin to live in these adverse surroundings These silent lions are far from home They just don’t […]

Somedays, I question what I mean to you Do you still see me broken in two? Just because I do not always agree with you But, you chose to follow through with your plans and leave me in the wastelands I did not plan our lives to fall into a great divide I did not […]

Maybe it not about the memories that we have lost but the ones we have gained. © Rosie Burnham  

I am tired of these endless days My smile hides my pain which I carry in vain A single comment can cause my mind to go into disarray It sounds insane and some may not be able to contemplate what is happening in my brain I know I have nothing to gain from shouting into […]

I get tired of trying to communicate my thoughts and for some people my words are fake But, they do not understand that I cannot take another war, as a result of all those unspoken bitter words because all they do is cause hurt Deep down inside, you honestly believed all of the hype that […]

The breeze clears are souls and brings unity to us all The cyclone of pain had destroyed our weather veins But, the humidity has surrounded us with love and hope, this has brought us back together Now, even if we are world’s away We know that we can make it to the end of the […]