Finding A Voice Between The Silence

Maybe I have lost these places But created new spaces of peace I thought my life had been decided and decreases to small particles of pain I never thought these days would return again Life has ways of altering are perspectives Changing our dreams and hopes By accepting that there are so dreams that will […]

Sometimes you have to realise that you will never be right In their eyes, however hard you try They think you are wasting your life One day at a time I feel I will always be a disappointment I will be the invisible sibling standing by your side A shadow of my younger self But, […]

There are secrets in their eyes I wonder why they are still alive However much I despise them I cannot change their actions, their words, and their wicked ways I have to stay calm and collected Acting like I am unaffected Just because you can not see the water of pain, does not mean that it […]

I am staring at the ground I am trying not to frown as the clouds, fall amongst me I trying to hold back the darkness But, I am scared that it will defend me My mind is in a time capsule of fear I hope I don’t disappear I am jumping in between the shadows […]

These dust clouds surround me now I feel frozen in their presence In essence, they are the particles of pain that I thought would have gone away But not yet… These memories stay stagnant like the mist hovering above the ground There are no sounds, just silence all around They are a reminder of my […]

Medicine is a poison to my mind You and I both know that it does not leave an afterglow of happiness and relief from the trauma It just magnifies the past You don’t have to look far to realise the unethical actions that you put into motion You caused such a commotion There was no […]

These lonely days make me want to fade People talk but never say a word or a thought to me I feel as though I am in court I want to abort Yet something makes me stay, amongst the mayhem and madness Even though there is sadness still around I try to find a sound […]