Finding A Voice Between The Silence

How many battle scars does a person have to have, before the world will let them heal? I feel I am living in a continuous wheel of despair but you don’t even care Standing from a distance you try to understand my life But you choose to criticise my every move to prove a point […]

I now have clarity, no one can question my sanity There are no similarities in our movements There are no remedies to fix the past I know the pain will not last Instead of measuring my success in money or a belief in where society thinks I should be. I would rather not measure my […]

I could spend a lifetime trying to get things right But, you will still lose the will to stay by my side To watch me thrive To be alive I am socially acceptable to your friends when it suits your plans Otherwise, I belong by the roadside At least I have the starlight to protect […]

I wish there was a place where you could stay in these safe hands A place to hold you so that you didn’t fall I wish I could give you more time and a lifetime of joy rather than pain I am sorry that you felt you had to go and fly below the sun […]

Trying to find peace with the past is the hardest part Haven’t I already got enough battle scars? It breaks my heart to relive these memories One sentence at a time People are trying to understand my life Every reason Every mistake Is viewed by everyone, to judge and create their own perception of events […]

  I can’t tell you that everything is going to be alright I can’t promise you that you will sleep peacefully through the night I can’t guarantee that it is going to be easy through the hard times to fight But, I will leave the light on, so you know that you are not alone […]

Why does everyone want a piece of me? Do they ever want me to be free? My life has been thrown for all to see How do I grieve when I cannot heal? How do I cry without the tears? How can I live without any fear? My life is inscribed in words of others […]