Finding A Voice Between The Silence

Am I at peace with every turn or is this wish absurd Will the truth ever be heard? Will I transfer these words onto a different page? Will I reword my story to fit the margins of your book? Will you break the spine so that I fit into the perfect line? Will you decide […]

I don’t know how to figure this out There are so many sounds around In the background, there are people waiting for me to fall But, I will not breakdown I will rebound your negativity until it becomes history Even though this road is slippery and full of trickery I will not become a mystery […]

We cannot change people’s view But we can choose how we react to them With a calm presence and listening ears The fear will disappear © Rosie Burnham

Don’t you care about family Don’t you care about us Were we not good enough Was this how you showed your love I hate what has become of us I sorry that I was never enough For you to stay in one place A blank space lives among us I am trying not to give […]

The tears are emerging The swell is forcing your thoughts to the front of your mind causing an ocean tide to drag your dissociated mind into another life Before, you let go and float away Realise that the ocean tides can change their minds Even with the ocean spray blurring your vision and the salt […]

I know in time that people change It is foolish to think that we would stay the same and remain our fifteen-year-old selfs But, it has felt that as the years have gone by A part of our friendships has died I try not cry while I write But, I can’t quite understand why there […]

The fault in our scars Leave me feeling motionless at this moment I can’t move I can’t breath Who will save me? Is this all a dream I cannot believe this has happened again I have to fend for myself But, I know how to pick myself up and start again I have done it […]